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  1. Saturday's "On The Ground Update"
    22 Aug, 2015
    Saturday's "On The Ground Update"
    Sound advice … AFP Foundation ‏@AFPfoundation   Have 3-6 months of expenses tucked away @chrisHogan360 - AFP's #Dream15 This tweet from @AFPFoundation during their 9th annual “Defending the American Dream Summit” – Columbus, Ohio #Dream15 There isn’t a best practices policy on savings, every situation is different and the current economic lay of the land is a major contributor to savings difficulties, but people need to take this advice to heart and save what they can each week. When
  2. On Immigration ... "Now is not the time to get wobbly..."
    22 Aug, 2015
    On Immigration ... "Now is not the time to get wobbly..."
    Gov. Jindal “Today we have a dumb immigration policy…” The biggest issue outstanding untouched by the liberal/media/government complex is immigration. The elites want comprehensive reform primarily to grant amnesty to the millions of illegals currently in the country. To get to that end, we have seen a lot of “DUMB” policies in place to gum up the system and leave us with no other alternative. Birthright citizenship, DREAM Act policies, and sanctuary cities are chief among the many issues
  3. Friday's "On The Ground Update"
    21 Aug, 2015
    Friday's "On The Ground Update"
    Friday’s On The Ground Update Up next the CNN debate …​GOP debate take 2 will air on CNN Wednesday, September 16 from the Reagan Library. Format remains the same, Top 10 candidates based on polling averages take to prime time with the rest relegated to the kiddie table. Since CNN is poised to count polls from early July, the main event will likely include the same folks as the FOX debate – Trump’s hair in the center square and everyone else is just a prop. The biggest loser will be Carly
  4. Draft Joe ? .....
    20 Aug, 2015
    Draft Joe ? .....
    Draft Joe ??? … I haven’t seen anything that would confirm or deny a Biden Presidential run. Based on several reports, it does appear he is seriously thinking about it and bigger is the fact other people are talking to him about a possible run and beginning to organize a “Draft Joe” campaign. I’ve said from the start of the 2016 discussions that there is nothing inevitable about Hillary Clinton. Hillary is the beneficiary of being promoted and propped up by the media. She is an empty suit (or
  5. The NEW Conservative Underground v3.0
    18 Aug, 2015
    The NEW Conservative Underground v3.0
    Welcome to the NEW Conservative Underground web site - v3.0.  This is still a work in progress, your patience as I tweak various components of this site is greatly appreciated.  On this site, you will find various blog posts that will include:  A Newsletter style update called "On The Ground Update"  The Conservative Underground Podcast - (* The LIVE broadcast will still be aired on Blog Talk Radio at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theconservativeundergroundshow  Link to the Twitter account
  6. Test Post
    17 Aug, 2015
    Test Post
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