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High School Football Player Ejected After Praising God in End Zone

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    30 Dec, 2015
  2. A backgrounder on Obama's JV Team
    07 Nov, 2015
    ISIS Explained ....
    ISIS {Islamic State of Iraq and Syria} Successor organization to Al-Qaeda’s Iraqi wing Broke from Al-Qaeda in a power struggle over leadership of the revolution in Syria Same long term goals as Al-Qaeda: restoration of the caliphate & institution of global Islamic state ISIS more brutal than Al-Qaeda – enforcement of Sharia Law Obama administration failed to take ISIS seriously – “JV Team” Obama’s total withdraw from Iraq in 2011 allowed ISIS to grow in a more permissive environment This
  3. Thursday's "On The Ground Update"
    02 Sep, 2015
    Thursday's "On The Ground Update"
    The Donald strikes back; Kentucky Clerk and the Weirdest stuff on E-Bay all in this edition of "On The Ground Update"
  4. Tuesday's "On The Ground Update"
    25 Aug, 2015
    Tuesday's "On The Ground Update"
    Best BBQ & The Evils of Civil Asset Forfeiture ... in this edition of "On The Ground Update"